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  • Personal service, focused on you, to get the results you want.
  • We don’t use boring website templates, we design unique websites to show the best of your brand.
  • We don’t just set and forget your SEO and Google Ads, we actively manage your campaigns to get the best results.

What People Say About My Marketing Services

Reviews from customers in the different industries that I have helped…

Graeme is the real deal. After chasing the endless promotional emails from the SEO “experts” in the marketplace, and always ending up with a proposal for $5K or more to fix all my issues, Graeme actually produced results. And what a joy to work with! This guy is for real. His attention to detail is truly remarkable, as is his results. Honest as well. What a find!

Joseph Samnik Jr, Consulting Arborist

Graeme’s SEO service exemplifies professionalism. He is a master of his craft and helped drive traffic to our website. Thanks Graeme. Job well done!!

Working in a highly niche market, I needed an SEO expert beyond what most companies could provide. Graeme is THAT expert SEO consultant that worked with me to not only build an engaging website but turning the SEO juices on full blast! Thank you!

John Snow, Master Arborist

I had the opportunity to work with Graeme on understanding why my inbound leads had fallen off in the last few months.

I was blown away by the attention to detail I was provided with while working with him and his team, all of my questions were responded to quickly not to mention I received videos breaking down the question, showing me the data and explaining the impact it had to my business.

Andrew Vachon, Sales

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Beautiful Websites

Creating beautiful, functional websites for any business!

But Not Ordinary Websites…

My talented web designers work with me to produce beautiful and functional websites that captivate and attract customers for your business. But more than an attractive design is required. Our customers’ websites are SEO-optimized from the get-go to provide a solid foundation from which to build an authentic, valuable asset for their business. Take a look at Ascension Tree Care website, for example.

We also offer ultra-fast, secure, managed hosting to give you the peace of mind that your website works for you, not against you.

My Top 6 Reasons Why Your Local Business Needs SEO

increased visibility

SEO enhances your digital footprint, allowing prospective clients to easily find you when seeking services in your niche. A higher ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs) can lead to a surge in organic traffic to your website.

competitive advantage

Many businesses operate in competitive environments. Implementing effective SEO strategies can position you favourably in search results, which can influence inquiries and conversions.

targeted traffic

SEO allows you to tailor your website to specific keywords and phrases related to your industry. As a result, the traffic you attract through SEO will be more aligned with your offerings, potentially leading to better-quality leads.

cost effective marketing

Compared to conventional advertising methods like print ads or direct mail, SEO can be a more budget-friendly approach to marketing. By optimizing your website, you can experience sustained benefits from enhanced search rankings over the long run.

credibility and trust

Websites ranking higher in search results often enjoy a perception of credibility among users. Effective SEO might enhance your website’s trustworthiness in the eyes of potential clients, which could influence their engagement and loyalty.

more local customers

SEO is essential for local businesses as it allows you to reach and engage local clients by optimizing your online presence for local search terms. Geotargeted search terms reach your local buyers.

About My Digital Marketing Services

Local SEO Service

Are you prepared to elevate your business? Dive into my specialized SEO services and achieve growth in your local market!

In the fiercely competitive business landscape, making a mark is paramount. That’s where I come into play. My team is committed to enhancing your online visibility for local search terms. Visualize your company’s name positioned prominently when potential customers in your vicinity search for services you offer.

Keyword Research Service

Are you prepared to amplify your online visibility? Explore my specialized keyword research services and position your business ahead!

Keywords are everywhere, but identifying the most relevant ones makes the difference. My team of Keyword Research specialists aims to refine your online approach by pinpointing keywords that could enhance traffic and engagement.

SEO Audit Service

Are you geared up to amplify your online footprint? Delve into my specialized SEO audit services and observe improvements in your website’s health and performance.

Maintaining a lead in the constantly changing digital realm necessitates a profound grasp of your website’s pros and cons. Our SEO Audit team examines every detail of your site, offering you thorough insights and practical suggestions to elevate your online approach.

Link Building Service

Are you geared up to fortify your digital footprint and enhance your website’s stature? Explore my specialized link-building services and see an uptick in your online impact.

In the bustling digital domain, top-notch backlinks play a crucial role. Our Link Building team aims to augment your website’s authority by securing pertinent, strong backlinks that position your site favourably in search engine listings and draw organic visitors.

web design service

Is your website prepped to make a mark in the digital arena? Boost your online profile and attract more visitors with my specialized SEO-optimized web design service!

In the contemporary digital environment, your website acts as your virtual storefront. Our team recognizes the dual significance of crafting visually appealing websites while ensuring they’re geared for search engine considerations.

ulta fast web hosting

Is your website craving a speed enhancement? Amplify your online footprint and bid farewell to sluggish load times with my state-of-the-art ultra-fast hosting service!

In this modern digital era, every moment is crucial. My hosting service is designed for speed and dependability, aiming to provide visitors with a swift and smooth browsing experience.

Why Work With Me Instead Of Other Digital Marketing Agencies?

I deliver results

Don’t get sidetracked by minor tasks that consume time without significantly impacting SEO. You’re invested in tangible outcomes from your online marketing ventures, and that’s why I prioritize impactful strategies to yield optimal long-term results.

work with me directly

My SEO consultancy is intentionally a compact firm. I aim to provide top-tier service backed by a carefully selected team of experts. Instead of having a novice handle your campaign, you’ll benefit from dedicated professionals seeking optimal outcomes. I’ll serve as your account manager, intermediary, and supporter.

get a custom campaign just for you

Every business is distinct with its specific requirements. If you entrust me with crafting your website, anticipate a unique design, not a generic one resembling your competitors’. SEO and inbound marketing strategies vary for each enterprise so you can look forward to a tailored approach. I evaluate your circumstances and devise a plan to accelerate growth.

transparent seo and a no secrets approach

I will provide you with all the documentation as your SEO campaign unfolds. Our SEO efforts are grounded in industry best practices, and we ensure you’re integrally involved throughout the journey. Collaborating closely, we can navigate challenges like a boat on the ocean, aiming towards our ultimate destination.

open communication and no ghosting

I take immense pride in our work and am deeply committed to progress. Therefore, I prioritize maintaining transparent communication with you, offering consistent updates and reports. You should always be informed and never left in the dark. I want you to be fully aware of the developments in your campaign.

years of hands-on experience

I have owned two e-commerce ventures, with over 15 years dedicated to marketing and selling my products. Boasting over 25 years in software development, I’ve steered businesses and teams toward their goals. Continual personal and team growth investment is a priority, and I hold multiple SEO certifications. Moreover, I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with the top 1% of SEO professionals in the US.

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